“Do I tell them I don’t speak Korean or should I just keep nodding?”

There are a few reasons I decided to write this “blog”. First of all, I’m currently job hunting and going crazy sitting at home all day as I write cover letter after cover letter. This, in turn, has essentially given me enough time to make this real and legitimate. 

Secondly, I have always loved writing and was told by my university Journalism professor “You write better when you’re being bitchy.” I’m sarcastic, honest, and, albeit, tactless at times, but another wise person once told me to capitalize on what makes me different, so here I am. Trying to find success in what comes to me naturally.

Lastly, I have experienced a lot in the past year from teaching English abroad to watching more YouTube videos than humanly healthy and I feel that I have some knowledge that can help others. If I can save someone from buying an orange bronzer or taking the wrong train in Seoul, that’s good enough for me.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I welcome any requests or comments.

If you think I’m mean, I’m really sorry. ‘Cause it must suck to not have a sense of humor. #itsnothatdeep