5 Fashion Bloggers for Us Short Girls to Follow

I think I follow more fashion bloggers than actual friends on Instagram… Is that sad? Whatever, I’ll just go cry into my hoarder closet while . scrolling through my feed anyway.

Tears aside, I have come to really appreciate Instagram for more than just the memes and funny videos. I have used the “Save” feature to create multiple folders to reference when I need some immediate outfit inspiration. While I of course fawn over girls like Negin Mirsalehi and Raquel Natasha (just to name a few), I hardly visit their feeds for personal styling guidance. The simple reason is the honest truth that we all have to face sooner or later: some things just won’t look good on you.


I am 5’3″ not 5’9″, and have come to terms with the fact that I cannot pull off certain garments. Not to mention that a lot of big time bloggers don outfits filled with pieces that mirror the cost of a small home in middle America.

After what feels like years of scrolling through Instagram, following and unfollowing influencers, I’ve found a handful of fashion bloggers that sport clothing that I feel like I can also personally wear at my height. Not only that, they often make affordable clothing look just as expensive and chic as high-end brands.

I appreciate all of you.



Gina Ybarra

Hunt For Styles | @huntforstyles


Gina is my favorite fashion blogger and Instagrammer to follow. I religiously visit her feed for outfit ideas and consistently feel inspired to try the new trends she sports. She is the sole reason why I ever tried on a pair of bell-bottom jeans (and loved them). Gina creates chic outfits filled with staple denim and bold jackets. All topped off with must-have sunnies and unapologetic headwear. Not to mention she always finds the cutest swimsuits and feminine dresses that don’t swallow her whole. With her signature sun-kissed, wavy locks and perfectly bronzed skin, Gina is a must-follow.



Stephanie Weizman

Let Me Wear That | @stephweizman


Knowing that Stephanie is San Francisco based, makes me enjoy her feed even more. Her outfits consist of various earth tones, subtle platforms, and waist-accentuating silhouettes. Ultimately, giving her petite frame more shape and length. I love how she makes plaid blazers look updated and dons a puffer jacket without looking like a child dressed by their overbearing mother. Stephanie even has an entire blog post dedicated to how to look taller in photos. I would take her tips because while she only stands at 5’2″, I would have easily pegged her at 5’7″.



Kate Ogata

The Fancy Pants Report | @kateogata


Another Bay Area blogger I adore is Kate Ogata. She sports clean and simple casual looks and always tags the sources of her garments. Her outfits consist of fresh denim, classic sweaters, and statement outerwear that make for the perfect San Francisco uniform. Many of her pieces are also incredibly affordable (think H&M and Madewell), but look elegant and expensive. Kate always looks successfully cozy and put together and also gives us a taste of enviable interior decor and inspo.



Alicia Roddy

Lissy Roddy | @lissyroddyy


Queen of the crop tops and the mid-body camera shot, Alicia is incredibly entertaining to follow. She makes you want to take risks and buy ridiculous things that, who knows, you might just be able to pull off. And her feed will remind you to tuck in all your tops to ensure the lengthening of your legs. I live for her fitting room mirror pics, layered necklaces, and use of color and texture in her ensembles. She will also randomly give us an amazing street style, hypebae moment that I always appreciate. Give Alicia a follow for the best co-ords in the game and for outfit inspo that won’t leave you in debt, but still look expensive af.



Julie Sariñana

Sincerely Jules | @sincerelyjules


The most well-known of my picks is Julie Sariñana who has fully established herself, and her own brand, in the blogger world. You can see her at those gram-able Revolve events or being featured in magazines like Grazia. Even with 4.8 million follows, Julie has remained grounded in her effortless aesthetic and consistently delivers for her followers, all while sporting her signature smirk. I appreciate her comfy, California vibe that often includes pretty sandals, destructed denim, and loose button ups that make me keep coming back for more.


Comment any other fashion bloggers you think I should be following!


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