In My Suitcase: Kauai

I don’t know how to write this intro without sounding like a spoiled snob, but here’s my best attempt.

Kauai has been my family’s go-to vacation spot since I was a child. In turn, I’ve mastered how to efficiently pack for this beautiful island. Whenever I’m looking at my empty, carry-on sized suitcase, there are a handful of items I grab out of pure instinct. These items are tried, tested, and repurchased. I hope you come and visit one of my favorite places in the world and bring along some of my island favorites as well.

Aloha bitches~


Mac Liquidlast Liner ($21)

Look no further than MAC for the most reliable waterproof makeup in the industry. The formula is extremely wet and needs to be applied very carefully because once it has touched your skin, it will not budge. However, nothing endures the salt water and sweat like this liner.

Mac Liquidlast Liner.jpg


MAC Haute and Naughty Waterproof Lash Mascara ($23)

Just like the MAC liner, this mascara lives up to its waterproof name. Also, this mascara is just amazing on its own with a dual brush that creates insane dimension. The left wand is for volume and the right is for length. The formula doesn’t clump and applies evenly. Not only will your mascara stay put but your lashes will also look unreal.

Mac Haute Naughty Waterproof Lash Mascara


Colourpop Wisp Super Shock Highlighter ($8)

Yes, I wear highlighter to the beach. This almost wet, bouncy formula is extremely travel friendly and the shade, Wisp, is the perfect golden tone for a trip to the islands. Applying this highlighter on your cheeks, inner eyes, and nose creates a pretty shine to your skin, making you look even more sun-kissed. The perfect addition to your new bronze.




Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream (~$16)

As mentioned in my Innisfree product review, this is my favorite face sunscreen and comes with me everywhere! The size is travel compatible so no worries carrying this guy through TSA. I hate checking bags.

Perfect UV Protection Cream for Oily Skin


ACACIA Malibu Top ($119)

I have never understood why swimsuits are so expensive. They’re like two little pieces of cloth that you wear only a few times a year. However, after buying many over the years I’ve realized that some suits are truly made better and are worth the money. My Acacia swimsuit is always packed for any beach bound vacation. The fabric doesn’t stretch out in the water and the Malibu cut is so comfortable and easy to wear all day.



Blue Life Beach Bunny Shorts (Orig. $99, Sale $24.75)

As cute as high-waisted denim shorts looks among the clear blue waves, the thick material is absolutely awful when it gets wet post dip in the ocean. Am I the only one who gets irrationally frustrated by that? These shorts are super light, can be easily thrown in your bag, and dry quickly. They come in an array of colors each season and are truly the easiest thing to throw on before and after the beach.



Scunci No Damage Colorful Braided Elastics ($2.99)

I usually have a few simple black hair ties in my purse or creating creases on my left wrist when in the city. However, I attempt to be less rigid and more fun when on vacation. It seems like the only appropriate time for me to wear fun colors in my hair. These hair ties also have great stretch and retain less water because of the braided structure.



Olfactorie Kauai Candle ($30)

These candles are amazing and I can’t help but bring a Kauai one to our place on the island every so often. They’re great to burn while the sun sets and create a nice, calm atmosphere. They also give the sea salt air some pleasant spice with the scents of plumeria, ginger, and saffron.

Olfactorie Kauai Candle.jpg


Comment below your favorite tropical holy grail items!

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